What makes Fruktville the best franchise opportunity?

Fastest Growing Market

India is the fastest growing ice cream consumption market in the world.

Source businesstoday

Natural Products

Ice cream, gelatos and ice pops are made using natural products. The products have real fruit chunks because we believe goodness should be seen.

Highly Professional

Core team is made of ex-hoteliers & executives from worlds’s best international 5 star hotels & EPC industry. Our helpful and efficient team is always accessible.


+ Customers Served

+ Operational Outlets

+ States Covered



Area Required: 80-150 Sq. ft.

Product: Gelatos/Ice-Pops/Shakes

Payback: 18-24 Months

Location: Früktville Existing Cities


Area Required: 250-500 Sq. ft.

Product: Gelatos/Ice-Pops/Waffles/Shakes/Pasta/Savouries

Payback: 18-24 Months

Location: Früktville Existing Cities


Area Required: 700-1000 Sq. ft.

Product: Gelatos/Ice-Pops/Waffles/Shakes/Pasta/Savouries/Wood-fired Pizza

Payback: 18-24 Months

Location: Früktville Existing Cities


Area rights: Exclusive

Location: Früktville Non-Existing Cities

Payback: 18-24 Months

Product: Gelatos/Ice-Pops/Waffles/Shakes/Pasta/Savouries/Wood-fired Pizza


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Does a franchisee work in the business?

Ideally. We’re seeking active franchisees who will be hands-on in developing their business. 

How much money can I make?

We do not guarantee the sales or profitability of any new location. We can provide estimated financial information and will discuss the financial model as part of the franchising process. Average Payback period is 18 months

Do you provide financing?

Currently we do not provide any financing, there are online financing platforms such as Capital Float which provide franchise finance for small business. We are looking for candidates with the means to secure financing on their own.

Do you negotiate leases and scout for location?

We have an active network of professionals pan India who can assist in leasing requirements and opportunities across most of the premier malls and locations.

How long does it take to become a Früktville Franchisee?

On average, entering into a franchise network does not take a significant amount of time. Most of that depends on you and how much time you have to dedicate to our franchise recruitment process. On average, it should take between 7 – 10 days for you to fully evaluate our concept, for us to get to know you, meet with you and to mutually decide whether or not the “fit” is right. After signing of Letter of Intent, the operational team will get active. Once we have an approved site and sign a franchise agreement, the site could be open in approximately 1-2 months.


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